Koori Comedy

Koori Comedy

For many years Cy was the only Local Aboriginal comic in Canberra. Thankfully that has changed with the Arrival of Bill Makin, Benny Eggmolesse, Jacob Keed. Together in 2019 we joined together to put on an indigenous show for the Canberra Comedy Festival “Koori Comedy” with special guest Stephanie Tisdale which sold out easily. Prompting these four Canberra locals to band together for future gigs and corporate functions.

Koori comedy promises a proper laugh holding no punches. Koori Comedy delivers stand-up comedy for our mob by our mob so book yourself in for a deadly night… and bring some non-Indigenous mob too.

Benny Eggmolesse

Karuwali Maiawali people. Can dodge any thong mum throws and duck any jug cord. Totem – Uncle Charlie Pride

Cy Fahey

Djadjawurrung Loddon River. He can sing any woman to pick him up from the pub. Totem – Big Budoo

Bill Makin

Eora. The day walker, can exist in White and Black worlds” Totem – 3 Piece Feed

Jacob Keed

Wiradjuri (Tubba Gah Clan)/ Kamilaroi. The Black Harry Potter, may not be a wizard but he does perform some black magic. Totem – The Black Harry Potter